Web Awardz wants to change the perception of good website design on order to ‘repair the web’. Good design is not only pretty, but also functional. That seems obvious, but apparently it is not. Most awards celebrate flashy, short-lived, one-off designs that are poorly executed from a technical and accessibility perspective. Although those websites are often highly creative and an inspiration to many, we want to award different work.

We want to award websites that:

  • load quickly
  • use native scrolling
  • keep your processor fan quiet
  • demonstrate creative use of the highest level of color contrast ratios
  • work well on assistive devices
  • are still useful when Javascript fails
  • show smart thinking and strategy
  • show flawless execution and art direction
  • serve business and user needs
  • can be viewed by anyone
  • rank well in Google
  • make you wonder why you would ever need Google AMP

In other words: we want to award good website design, beyond asthetics. We are not alone. It is time for a change. Time for a new sort of website awards: the Web Awardz. Got a question? Contact us!